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All about Rebates for Free Software deals

This year I’ll be teaching you guys how to get free software in my blog. The deals will be posted here and I’ll guide you through the process of filling out the rebates and make sure you get paid for these rebates.

The following weeks, I’ll help you get organized by teaching you the techniques and showing you useful tools you can use.

I’ll also put up video/pictures of the details for the rebates.

so, stay tuned..


ING DIRECT USA - Save Your Money!®

I’ve posted on many of the web forums that I post, ways in which you can earn free money. Ing Direct was recently sold to Capital One but it is still a great online bank. You can currently get $25 bonus just for opening a savings account with them with $250 deposit. You do not need to create direct deposits and jump through hoops.  Full disclosure,  I will earn $10 bonus for this referral but you will get the $25. There currently is a $50 bonus for their checking account but you will want to wait until Black Friday and open that up for a bigger bonus. Trust me.
After your account is opened, you can later open other accounts for bonuses. Later in the month, during black friday, I believe they will offer $100+ for opening a electric orange checking account and $100 bonus for their Sharebuilder investment account.

If you would like a referral, please email me your name and email address where I can send the referral link from ING Savings. Email to and I’ll respond with links as fast as I can.

My Review of ING : ING Direct (now owned by Capital One) is an online bank with great service. I opened a savings account with them over 10 years ago and have been very happy with them. Their ACH is very handy for meeting direct deposit requirements to keep my big box bank checking account free. They also have a good interface but their best feature is (and hopefully will remain) their customer service. They have newer features such as deposit from your phone/pc and p2p money transfers that I have not yet tested out but seem to get good reviews.

Another great banking option if you are looking to switch is Alliant Credit Union and Pen Fed Credit Union.

Posted by: superocean | July 15, 2012

The Walking Dead season 3 trailer

If you have not started watching The walking dead on AMC you are missing out on some fun zombie killings. If you are watching it and waiting for the next season, here’s a cool 4 min video trailer of the next season.

Posted by: superocean | May 19, 2012

Not F1 related. TED talk re: anti social behavior…

Posted by: superocean | April 25, 2012

F1 Bahrain race recap via mini F1 racers

I found a very accurate yet awfully fun way to view race recap. My friends enjoy this and hope you all do too.

Posted by: superocean | March 16, 2012

Mclaren Martin Whitmarsh interview

Posted by: superocean | March 16, 2012

2012 F1 Season is here!

Time for F1 updates again. Here’s a video from the first day of practice from Australia.

Posted by: superocean | October 27, 2011

Previews of F1 India Buddh Circuit from Mclaren and Red Bull

Here’s a preview of the track coming up in India with Mclaren engineers discussing how they make a simulator track and Red Bull Renaults Sebastian Vettel previewing the characteristics of the new India track.

Posted by: superocean | October 8, 2011

Lewis Hamilton, the never ending story

Lewis Hamilton likes controversy like no one else in F1. He creates drama with other drivers at almost every race and this weekends race in Japan is no different.

This latest problem comes during the last qualifying session for Sundays race. During the Q3 session, he was attempting to put in one final lap with time running out. As he was approaching the last few corners, with time running out he was passed by Mark Webber and Michael Schumacher and thus did not make it across the line to get a final lap in. Then he came into the pits and confronted Michael Schumacher.

If you watch the video on youtube, you’ll see why Hamilton wasn’t happy but was it Hamilton’s fault for not being faster to the line or was it Webber and Schumacher’s fault for “dangerous” passing in Q3? If you remember Hamilton did just this in Singapore to Felipe Massa. Oh why can’t we just get a simple clean racing weekend from Lewis.

Posted by: superocean | September 28, 2011

Singapore GP was better but still lacking in excitement on track

So there was excitement on track but not as exciting as could be.

I’ll first start the post with Felipe Massa having issues with Lewis Hamilton in the following 2 videos.


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